Volume 48 Number 2


In Memory of Joe E. Anderson (1928-2016), Professor of Law, St. Mary’s University School of Law

Michael S. Ariens



X-Factoring: Why the Texas Supreme Court Should Revisit Its Examination of Paid or Incurred Medical Expenses

Zachary J. Lee


The Development of Chinese Constitutionalism

Chenglin Liu


The Right to Be Forgotten: Comparing U.S. and European Approaches

Samuel W. Royston



KCON XI Essay Introduction: Compulsory Arbitration and Adhesion Contracts in the Age of Donald Trump

Peter Linzer


“What We Lose in Sales, We Make Up in Volume”: The Faulty Logic of the Financial Services Industry’s Response to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Proposed Rule Prohibiting Class Action Bans in Arbitration Clauses

Richard Frankel


The CFPB Anti-Arbitration Proposal: Let’s Just Give Arbitration a Chance.

Ramona L. Lampley


Hurrah for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Consumer Arbitration as a Poster Child for Regulation Action Bans in Arbitration Clauses

Jean R. Sternlight



The Amplified Need for Supreme Court Guidance on Student Speech Rights in the Digital Age

William Calve


Gay Rights Versus Religious Freedom, and the Influence of Obergefell v. Hodges on Distinguishing the Dividing Line

Kathleen Rainey McStravick