Volumes 48:4 and 49

Sneak Peek! Volume 49 Number 1


Reforming Military Justice: An Analysis of the Military Justice Act of 2016

David A. Schlueter


Volume 48 Number 4


The “Post-Production Costs” Issue in Texas and Louisiana: Implications for the Fate of Implied Covenants and Pro-Lessor Clauses in the Shale Era Oil and Gas Lease

Laura H. Burney


The Executive Right to Lease After KCM Financial LLC v. Bradshaw and a Louisiana Solution to a Texas Problem

Christopher S. Kulander


Pipe(line) Dreams Post-Denbury Green

Nicholas Laurent
Christopher Oddo


Covenants Running with the Land

Michael P. Pearson


“TX Rice v. Denbury”

Thomas Alan Zabel



Force Majeure: How Lessees Can Save Their Leases While the War on Fracking Rages on

Allison R. Ebanks