Volumes 48:3 and 49

Sneak Peek! Volume 49 Number 1


Reforming Military Justice: An Analysis of the Military Justice Act of 2016

David A. Schlueter


Volume 48 Number 3


The “English” Rule—It Ain’t English, and Ought Not Be American

Timothy M. Mulligan


A New Remedy for Junk Science: Article 11.073 and Texas’s Response to the Changing Landscape in the Forensic Sciences

Trevor Rosson



No Appropriation Without Compensation: How Per Se Takings of Personal Property Check the Power to Regulate Commerce

William Sumner Macdaniel


The Demise of Anti-Panhandling Laws in America

Katie Pilgram Neidig



United States v. McIntosh: Ninth Circuit Limits Federal Prosecutors from Spending to Enforce Marijuana Laws in Medicinal States

Daniel Haley


The Exclusionary Rule and the Dueling Legacies of Utah v. Strieff: Which Will Be Suppressed?

Marcos Herrera