Volume 7 Number 2


Professional Responsibility of the Criminal Defense Lawyer Redux: The New Three Hardest Questions

Todd A. Berger


Ethics and the “Root of All Evil” in Nineteenth Century American Law Practice

M.H. Hoeflich


Electronic Social Media: Friend or Foe for Judges

The Honorable M. Sue Kurita


Reforming Recusal Rules: Reassessing the Presumption of Judicial Impartiality in Light of the Realities of Judging and Changing the Substance of Disqualification Standards to Eliminate Cognitive Errors

Melinda A. Marbes


Alternative Business Structures: Good for the Public, Good for the Lawyers

Jayne R. Reardon


The Ambulance Chasing Epidemic in Texas

Ronald Rodriguez



Conflicts of Interest for Former Law Firm Clerks Turned Lawyers

Daniel Haley