Volume 6 Number 2


Navigating Some Deep and Troubled Jurisprudential Waters: Lawyer–Expert Witnesses and the Twin Dangers of Disguised Testimony and Disguised Advocacy

W. William Hodes

Can Courts Require Civil Conduct?

Justice Douglas S. Lang
Haleigh Jones

Legal Marketing Through the Decades: Pitfalls of Current Marketing Trends

Tanya M. Marcum
Elizabeth A. Campbell


Avoiding Grievances: 25 Things You Can Do

David Bright

Weathering the Worst Storm: How Attorneys Might Successfully Defend Their Reputation Against Attack from the Bench

Giel Stein


The Texas An Analysis of Austin Lawyers Guild v. Securus Technologies, Inc.: The Constitutional and Ethical Implications of Using Illegally Recorded Attorney–Client Telephone Conversations as Derivative Evidence

Christina Santos

Clearing the Smoke: The Ethics of Multistate Legal Practice for Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

Eric Mitchell Schumann