Volume 4 Number 1

Why Lawyers Do What They Do (When Behaving Ethically)

James Moliterno
John Keyser

"Nudging" Better Lawyer Behavior: Using Default Rules and Incentives to Change Behavior in Law Firms

Nancy B. Rapoport

The Role of Ethics Audits in Improving Management Systems and Practices: An Empirical Examination of Management-Based Regulation of Law Firms

Susan Saab Fortney

Is Litigation Counsel Who Also Engages in Competitive Decision-Making Wrong for the Part?

David Hricik

Mindful Ethics—A Pedagogical and Practical Approach to Teaching Legal Ethics, Developing Professional Identity, and Encouraging Civility

Jan L. Jacobowitz
Scott Rogers

How Do You Rate Your Lawyer? Lawyers’ Responses to Online Reviews of Their Services

Laurel A. Rigertas

Navigating the Pitfalls of Implicit Bias: A Cognitive Science Primer for Civil Litigators

Nicole E. Negowetti

The Corporate Attorney as “Internal” Gatekeeper and the In Pari Delicto Defense: A Proposed New Standard

Kevin H. Michels

Disqualifying Defense Counsel: The Curse of the Sixth Amendment

Keith Swisher

"Payability" as the Logical Corollary to "Collectibility" in Legal Malpractice

Daniel D. Tostrud

Online Legal Advice: Ethics in the Digital Age

Paige A. Thomas