Volume 3 Number 1

"A Scout Is Trustworthy": Applying Virtue Ethics to Lawyer Professionalism

Justice Jeff Brown

The Advent of State And Local Lobby Regulations and the Legal and Ethical Considerations for Attorneys

Ross Fischer
Jack Gullahorn

Regulating the Behavior of Lawyers in Mass Individual Representations: A Call for Reform

Richard Zitrin

The Accidental Lawyer: A Law and Economics Perspective on Inadvertent Waiver

Ido Baum

The Litigation Privilege in Texas

Sam Johnson

Keep Your "Friends" Close and Your Enemies Closer: Walking the Ethical Tightrope in the Use of Social Media

John G. Browning

The Limited Power of the Bar to Protect Its Monopoly

Zachary C. Zurek


Kathryn A. Stephens

Guilt by Association: How "Standby Co-Counsel" Exposes Attorneys to Malicious Prosecution Liability

Colleen V. Lisowski

How an Obscure Tennessee Opinion Uncovers the Veil of Legal Malpractice between Asset-Protection Trusts and the Uniform Trust Code

Charles Epps Ipock

Evidentiary Standards in the Legal Malpractice Trial-Within-a-Trial

F. Parks Brown

Arbitration Clauses in Fee Retainer Agreements

Chrissy L. Schwennsen

Can Federal Courts Exercise Jurisdiction Over State Law Malpractice Claims Arising out of Patent Law Disputes?

Isaac C. Ta