Volume 2 Number 1

Social Networking and Judicial Ethics

Craig Estlinbaum

Order in the Court!: Ethical Conduct in a Criminal Trial Under the Texas Disciplinary Rules

Edward L. Wilkinson

Why Your Secretary Is Really Worth a Million Dollars: Exploring the Harsh Penalty for Not Proofreading Your Fee Agreements in Anglo-Dutch Petroleum v. Greenberg Peden

James M. “Jamie” Parker, Jr.
J.K. Leonard

The Roles of Attorneys As Courtroom Experts: Revisiting the Conventional Limitations and Their Exceptions

David S. Caudill

Taking Limited Representation to the Limits: The Efficacy of Using Unbundled Legal Services in Domestic-Relations Matters Involving Litigation

Michele N. Struffolino

Malpractice Liability Related to Foreign Outsourcing of
Legal Services

Vincent R. Johnson
Stephen C. Loomis

Civility and Collegiality—Unreasonable Judicial Expectations for Lawyers As Officers of the Court?

Lonnie T. Brown, Jr.

Reinventing the Wheel: Constructing Ethical Approaches to State Indigent Legal Defense Systems

Bill Piatt

First, Do No Harm: The Consequences of Advising Clients About Litigation Alternatives in Medical Malpractice Cases

Katerina P. Lewinbuk