Malpractice & Ethics

Volume 1 Number 1

Professional Responsibility for the Pro Se Attorney

Margaret Raymond

Legal Malpractice Litigation and the Duty to Report Misconduct

Vincent R. Johnson

An Article We Wrote to Ourselves in the Future: Early 21st Century Views on Ethics and the Internet

David Hricik
Prashant Patel
Natasha Chrispin

Probing the Legitimacy of Mandatory Mediation: New Roles for Judges, Mediators, and Lawyers

Tracy Walters McCormack
Susan Schultz
James McCormack

Ethically Handling the Receipt of Possibly Privileged Information

James M. Fischer

Practical Ethics for the Professional Prosecutor

Enrico B. Valdez

Circular 230: New Rules Governing Practice Before the IRS

C. John Muller IV

Shifting the Burden of Proof on Causation in Legal Malpractice Actions

Jeffrie D. Boysen