Volume 4 Number 1

Why Lawyers Do What They Do (When Behaving Ethically) James Moliterno John Keyser "Nudging" Better Lawyer Behavior: Using Default Rules and Incentives to Change Behavior in Law Firms Nancy B. Rapoport The Role of Ethics Audits in Improving Management Systems and Practices: An Empirical Examination of Management-Based Regulation of Law Firms Susan Saab Fortney Is […]

August 16, 2014

Volume 45 Number 3

The Decline of Civil Jury Trials: A Positive Development, Myth, or the End of Justice As We Now Know It? – Judge Xavier Rodriguez Texas Remedies in Equity for Breach of Fiduciary Duty: Disgorgement, Forfeiture, and Fracturing – George P. Roach The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: An Attractive but Risky Alternative to Texas Trade […]

August 15, 2014